3D Reality Smart City Modeling

  • Potential Solar Roof Top Model
  • Utility and Infra Management
  • Urban Mobility and Transportation
  • Interactive 3D City Model
  • GIS Mapping


  • Crop loss assessment
  • Vigor and health of crop analysis
  • Yield estimation
  • Crop counting and volume assessment
  • Irrigation and fertilizer management

Infrastructure and Asset Monitoring

  • Real-time site monitoring
  • Virtual site inspection and tour
  • Volumetric analysis
  • 3D reality models and simulations
  • Work progress assessment through time lapse
  • Assets Management

Power Grid

  • Transmission Line Patrolling
  • Design, Planning and Optimization
  • Vegetation Hazard Management
  • High-Resolution DEM
  • 3D Virtual Models
  • High-Resolution Models

Roads & Highways

  • Road Asset Management System
  • Detailed Engineering Surveys
  • Pavement Design and Analysis
  • Feasibility study and DPR
  • Road Inventory and Virtual 3D Model